SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate provides a secured communication between a web server and web browser.

What is a web server ?

A Web Server is a Server Computer, where the website content are stored.

What is a web Browser ?

Any user, browse the Internet from a Desktop Computer, Laptop or Mobile Phone through the browser software like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

What is the difference between a website with ssl certificate and without ssl certificate ?

When you open the internet and start browse for any website, in the address bar, either it starts with http:// or https://

The website without a ssl certificate installed will start with http:// and in some browser in some environment throws a warning message for the website.

The website with a ssl certificate installed will start with https://

Hackers cannot easily get into our website backend. It’s more secured. A website installed with ssl certificate will have more reputation. It helps to improve page index in the Google Search. Any visitor can browse the website with full confidence because the communication between the web server and the web browser happens in a secured way.





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